Anna Paniccia

Born and bred in the heart of Ohio, Anna began exploring art at an early age. At the ripe old age of 16. she went to the Interlochen Arts Academy to study acting deep in the woods of Michigan with 400 other young artists from around the world. It was there that she discovered her love for theatre and international collaboration. Conventionally, she moved on to college at Webster Conservatory for Theatre Arts in St. Louis, Missouri. Unconventionally, she left Webster after just one year to live in NYC and pursue an internship with Puppet Heap. Living out of one suitcase and couch hopping for six months, she worked for free learning everything she could about puppetry. Once it became cold and warmer clothes were required, she decided to go back to St. Louis. She continued with her studies as an actress, but with a new bank of knowledge about life and the art of puppetry. She was lucky to have professors who pushed her to become a better actress, but also allowed her to explore her boundaries as a puppeteer. 

Since then her puppets have played the world over on stage and screen - from New York City to Las Vegas, Berlin, Prague, and Southeast Asia.  Some of her credits include Disney's The Muppets (2011) and The Muppets: Most Wanted (2014), Terry Fator: Live in Las Vegas, Bookaboo, Glenn Gould vs Glenn Gould and Das Helmi Puppentheater, as well as many independent productions and projects.

Coming Up!


Kunsthaus Zürich

June 23 - July 30 2017

In a show titled Retro Liberalism created by Georg Keller

A man played by actor Lukas Kubik in a business suit meets a tiny lifelike marionette version of himself on a park bench.

Visit Kunsthaus Zürich's website here.